Updates: Summer 2011

Turning Back the Waves

After a series of lucky (and not so lucky) coincidences, I made a decision to independently distribute the DVD, Turning Back the Waves. I am currently getting the DVDs printed, and will have them available at the beginning of September. As soon as they become available, I'll be able to ship them to anywhere in the world! I will also be asking for a minimum donation in order to support my work on "Theory of Happiness." 

Bringing me to my next update:

Theory of Happiness

As a result of a week-long collaboration with an accomplished editor, Chris Darlington, working in St. John's, the project is now at the stage of a rough assembly. This, of course, is just scratching the surface. (Don't forget about making it to a picture lock, a final cut, working with graphics, getting a composer for the soundtrack, doing sound mix and design, colour correction, submitting to festival and getting distribution). Currently, I'm also writing narration for the film. 

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