Sea of Changes 2/2

So What Happened?

Have no fear, I have been vigorously working on the film "The Theory of Happiness." Of course, the North American model of film production is just slightly different from the European model, so in order to stay afloat and compensate, at least symbolically, those who are helping me with the project, I had to work wage jobs that ranged from barista work, to English tutoring and bike couriering. I have also started a Ph.D. program at the University of British Columbia, which has kept me busy for the last eight months.

Nevertheless, my editor and I have been getting together religiously every Monday (or Tuesday), and working away on the edit. Our sound engineers are getting restless, as are our colour correctors, etc, etc. But we are getting closer and closer, and come spring time, we will hopefully reach that elusive goal of a picture lock!

I was fortuitous enough to find an editor who is also an animator! Over the past three months, we have been designing animation for certain parts of the film, such as the opening titles. You will not be disappointed by the wait.  

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