Theory of Happiness Picture-locked!

I am happy to announce some news concerning the film, "The Theory of Happiness."

As of December 16th, the film is picture-locked! This brings us one step closer to the finished film, as I am awaiting news from several film festivals, and continuing to work on the finishing touches. This step could not have been reached had it not been for my super-dedicated and talented editor, Terezia Mikulasova.

This also means that we are at a new stage of work - designing sound and correcting colour, and I have entrusted several people much more competent than myself to bring the film to the final cut. One of those people is Konrad Skreta, with whom I worked with on the previous film, "Turning Back the Waves," and who is a professional sound designer with over two decades in the film industry.

The projected timeline is about a month from the date of this post (January 15), when I will have screeners ready to send out to film festivals, and to those who supported the film. I hope you remain patient, and soon enough, we will have a finished film to distribute to anyone interested in delving into the darker side of happiness.

Here is a screen capture of the project, as it is being prepared for sound and colour work:

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