"Arrived" by Gregory Gan
Produced by Dan & Melissa Galway
Music by Boards of Canada
Super 8mm, 1:41min, 2012

Ethnographic film work:

- The World in a Suitcase (in production, 2015) - a feature-length ethnographic film focused on the experience of Russian emigrants to Paris, Berlin and New York

- The Theory of Happiness (82 min., 2014) - a feature-length ethnographic film focusing on a radical Ukrainian sect attempting to discover the "Theory of Happiness."

- Turning Back the Waves (96 min., 2009) - a feature-length ethnographic film on the life history of women of the Russian intelligentsia in post-Soviet Russia. 

- Make a Wise Wish Now (33 min., 2008) - an ethnographic film on magic ritual and performance. Contact me if you wish to find out more about this film.

Make a Wise Wish Now

Short Films: 

- Phantom Couriers (6 min., 2014) - a self-conscious documentary short about bike couriers in Vancouver, shot on a mix of DSLR & 16mm film.

- Arrived (2 min., 2012) - a train journey across the country comes to an end, in this short shot on 8mm film. 

- Longpoint (4 min., 2007) - a documentary visual poem
- Negative Space (7 min., 2007) - a documentary short on Toronto alleyways.

- Session Talks (12 min. 2007) - a short, ethnographic film on collective performance of music in Newfoundland, Canada

- In Search of Rumi (unreleased, 2007) - a documentary pilgrimage across the Middle East.

Other video and film productions included animated and fiction work on 16mm film, commercials, trailers, conference and seminar recordings and photography.